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If you're ready for an amazing adventure, into the wild, and want to guide canoe trippers in Swedish Värmland, this is the job for you!

The Canoe Trip Ranger

For the summer, we are still looking for a motivated Canoe Trip Ranger who will guide adventurers of The Canoe Trip during the entire summer in the beautiful region of Värmland, Sweden.

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What will we ask of you?

You will be responsible for one of the basecamps where the adventures de first and last night will sleep. Each Saturday you’ll be welcoming new groups of adventurers that arrive at your basecamp in Sweden.

You show them around, teach them some paddle techniques and give them all the practical info they need to survive on the water for 6 days.

On Sunday they will go on the water for their trip and you prepare the arrival of the next group: make survival packs, maintain the material, clean up…

Each Canoe Tripper will receive a GPS tracker that they keep while they are on the water. You’re monitoring the Canoe Trippers via this GPS tracking system, will answer questions and handle the emergency calls.

The Canoe Trippers will be back on Friday. You’ll be welcoming them back, make sure they will hand in all the material and prepare everything for the next adventurers that will arrive the next day!

What profile are we looking for?

  • You’re a social, spontaneous person.
  • You absolutely love nature and you have no problem with staying at the basecamp for a long period with basic comfort.
  • You can handle problems on your own.
  • You can read a map decently.
  • Your English and French or Dutch is fluent.
  • You have a driver’s license B.

From when until when?

12th of June until the 2nd of August 2020 & 25th of July - 12th of September

You increase your chances if...

  • You know how to drive a motorboat
  • It’s not the first time you see a canoe

What do you get?

  • An amazing summer job in one of the most beautiful regions of Europe
  • A fixed, monthly salary
  • Reimbursement of your costs

Are you the Ranger we’re looking for? Send your resume ASAP to jobs@travelbase.eu, convince us of your qualities and maybe you’ll spend your summer in Värmland!

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